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Between the Spaces...Healing For Our Lives is a newsletter published at random by Robin B. Dilley, Ph.D. Between the Spaces is intended to be an adjunctive tool to the psychotherapy process and contains articles about psychotherapy, spirituality, and personal growth. Back issues of Between the Spaces may be viewed by selection in the drop down box below. If you would like to be placed on the mailing list or receive an e-mail when the next newsletter is coming, please let us know by going to www.psychotherapyunlimited.com, click on BETWEEN THE SPACES button, scroll down until you find "Subscribe Today" and then follow the instructions. You may also express your opinions, thoughts, or comments about the articles through the Contact Us button. The articles dance between serious to not so serious topics, and the content is intended to be informative, stimulating, and evocative, while maintaining a lighter note and an easy read.

"Your Sacred Space is Where You Find Yourself Over and Over Again." Joseph Campbell.

Between the Spaces is a copyrighted product and no part of it may be reproduced at any time without the express consent of the author. You are welcome to print the editions and share them with your friends.

Thank you!

Dr. Robin B. Dilley

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