A Psychologist's Journey with Breast Cancer

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Professional Profile

Dr. Robin B. Dilley is an Arizona licensed psychologist in private practice. She received her doctoral degree from Union Institute in 1992 and has been practicing as a clinician in the field of psychotherapy since 1978. She has studied extensively the literature on Shame and believes that often it is the "trance of shame" that keeps the client powerless to make his/her life different.

Dr. Dilley uses an eclectic approach to psychotherapy. She believes that each session and each client have unique differences, and that the key to psychotherapy success is in the psychotherapy relationship. If the therapist can establish a trusting relationship with the client and then be intuitive enough to use all of her professional resources, then the client is enabled to achieve the personal growth he/she came in to find.

"As you embark on your psychotherapy journey, may you awaken those parts of you that have fallen asleep, open the parts of you that are thirsty, and discover anew the magic of growing." R.B. Dilley The healing relationship between therapist and client consists of appropriate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, preventative measures for the future, and most of all hope that life can be different from the replication of the past.

"Psychotherapy for Personal Growth and Redirection" is the heart of Dr. Dilley's practice, so regardless of what the problem is, there is a solution. The solution is found in the journey, not in the destination.

In addition to providing psychotherapy, Dr. Dilley loves to teach. In that capacity, in her workshops and seminars, she brings a philosophy about education that is enriching and empowering. She believes that learning is an exchange of knowledge, and that the student comes away from the experience not only feeling revived, but ready to apply what he/she has learned. As the student takes the initiative to make his/her education interactive and experiential, the student becomes the owner of the theory and become masterful in his/her own process... Dr. Dilley quotes bell hooks from her book Teaching to Transgress -- "A teacher is a healer when the teacher empowers the student to link awareness with practice."

Dr. Dilley is a professional member of the Arizona Psychological Association, a Clinical Affiliate of the American Marriage and Family Association. and an Arizona State Affiliate of the American Marriage and Family Therapy Association. Dr. Dilley is currently has her Diplomate status in Psychopharmacology. She is also a member of the Silvan S.Tomkins Institute of Applied Studies in Affect, Motivation, and Cognition.