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My Philosophy of Psychotherapy
By Dr. Robin B. Dilley
Arizona Licensed Psychologist

Your choice to enter psychotherapy is a decision that you make, because you want something different to happen in your life; you want something that will help you better understand your life's journey and make your days ahead more enjoyable. Your decision is an opportunity you give yourself to grow emotionally and spiritually. I take your decision to enter psychotherapy seriously. I need you to take your decision seriously as well. I need you to focus on change, work between sessions, and wrestle with yourself in ways that will assist you in making your life different.

I am a licensed psychologist with an eclectic background. I have training in many areas of psychotherapy and try to match the approach to the client. However, I do approach each client from a systemic perspective, believing in the system as well as in the individual. I believe each of us act, react, and recreate our past behavior until we find new ways of being, thinking, and doing. I believe this change is more than just a cognitive change, but also something that must be experienced as healing insight which promotes change from within. Psychotherapy is a process and it takes as long as it takes. You are the expert on that, and you will be deciding when you have reached a point where you want to take a break.

My job is to be a mirror of reflection for you, asking you questions, challenging you to get out of your box, and assisting you with ways to look inside and create the life you want to have. I will help you unravel stories from your childhood and create a new tapestry from the threads you discover in psychotherapy. By beginning this process, you will begin to understand your situation in the light of your past, thus pushing through to that healing place that is within you.

As with any new journey, change can be and usually is scary. It will take some time for you to feel emotionally safe. Questions about the map and the territory will arise. I will be happy to discuss any questions with you during your session in order to help you understand the process of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is different than guidance counseling. I believe the answers are within you, and you will discover them as part of the process. Most of the time I will answer your questions with another question. This can be frustrating, but it is necessary for you to take ownership of your life and your choices.

I act as your validating guide, affirming your process, letting you go at your own pace and explore your options. This journey takes courage and a deep commitment to change. Be proud of yourself for making this commitment.

May the journey between us be one that brings forth hope, healing, and a sense of well-being.


Dr. Robin B. Dilley