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In A Moment's Notice Journey Lesson's From the Miller's Daughter
Writing Your Way to Healing and Wholeness  



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In A Moment's Notice: A Psychologist's Journey with Breast Cancer
Finally, I have finished my book about my eleven-year journey with breast cancer. When I was going through treatment I wanted to read someone else's story, but could not find a book that talked about the ups and downs of treatment and how this disease drastically as well as subtlety changes your life and the lives of those around you. I read thousands of articles, and medical reports, but at that time, I could not find a single book that would talk to me about what it was like. I have now written that book and you can order it now. 
Hear what others are saying about my book:

"This compelling, nakedly-honest story about Dr. Dilley's struggle with breast cancer is written from the heart, like a prayer. Here is a doctor/patient whose willingness to move beyond her challenges and fears will touch all doctors and patients, all seekers, everywhere. This book will inspire readers to move beyond their own limitations and into their own healing story. This story is intended for all those interested in becoming the principal agents on their healing journeys." Dr. Carl Hammerschlag, The Turtle Island Project

"To enter into the heart of another human being is a great gift but to offer this gift to unknown travelers is an act of great courage. Dr. Robin Dilley has written her story and placed it on the altar as an offering for the sake of others. We pilgrims consume these pages and are strengthened for life's journey. Inspired by her raw honesty and relentless integrity, we are challenged to choose life and to live it fully." The Rev. Canon Rebecca L. McClain, St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral Seattle Washington

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Lesson's From the Miller's Daughter



Yes you can order through Pay Pal a Download File of this E-Book for as little as $9.99 and work with the journal exercises and story over the next 4-6 weeks.

I encourage you to go slow and integrate the story into powerful imagery that will help you examine where you have allowed your hands (personal power) to be cut off and develop the confidence to regrow them.

This workbook is being used in the Wednesday Evening Group, but the group is full. If you would like to see the workshop offered as a webinar please email me at drdilley@psychotherapyunlimited.com

As soon as I receive a confirming email from PAYPAL that you have ordered the download I will email it to you as an attachment.

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Dr. Robin B. Dilley
Writing Your Way to
Healing and Wholeness
Writing Your Way to Healing and Wholeness by Robin B. Dilley, PhD
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Personal growth is a choice. With all the self-help options surrounding us today in books, blogs and everything in between, you may feel like giving up the pursuit to know what truly unlocks your full and vibrant life. Don't give up! . 

This book, not only a how-to journal, is also a roadmap to explore your family history and uncover the unconscious patterns created without you even knowing! You may not even realize these patterns turn into unconscious behaviors and thoughts which work against you, keeping you doing the same old things. In the past, you may have tried meditation or changed your routine, only to find it didn't stick or give you with the results you expected! Why does this happen? By getting to know your history and your individual unique story through our guided journaling, you will uncover in-depth thoughts, and painful patterns holding you back.

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